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Desiree van der Gracht

Understanding the influences of our surrounding and our roots makes that we can create innovative designs with true meaning. Desiree is a connector and creates bridges between multiple disciplines. She has a background as an interior designer and in 2015 Desiree graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Her graduation project was nominated for the Rene Smeets Awards and the Keep An Eye Grant. And in 2017 she won the Keep an Eye Design Talent Award. During the last years Desiree developed herself as an all-round designer. She is a true innovator, has a fascination for environmental psychology and social behaviour and focuses on human centric design. “As a designer I am always looking for the deeper layer. The right research is the base of creating good and meaningful design. It is important for me that design ads value and improve peoples life. This is why I am following my mission; To create human centric sensory experiences that help people to de-stress."


Categorie├źn: Gezondheid

Breathing is the key to relax. Desiree is developing a product that helps people to de-stress and is accessible for everybody.